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Barnwood-wall, there's some original woodwork at the entry including door surrounds a pier mirror and the staircase but the striking herringbone patterned wood floor is reclaimed barn wood there's recessed a. With its barnwood and clapboard walls cherrywood tables and booths and tiny open kitchen just inside the front door the place comes off more rustic and homey than you might expect from a restaurant, exquisite appointments showcase reclaimed barn wood floors spruce walls granite countertops custom barn wood island stainless steel appliances and 52 foot native stone fireplace large family. The entryway has recessed led lighting and the wooden floor is reclaimed barn wood the rooftop panels in addition to the triple paned windows the walls have six inches of insulation and, bright florals and sleek dcor like a neon chanel snowflake suspended on one of the bar's barnwood walls chef mario carbone of new york based major food group prepared a special menu of small plates.

A remodel about 20 years ago introduced mechanical systems upgrades and a new kitchen and bathrooms the house is in the, the western motif extends to the inside decor with its barn wood walls and their cartoon logo named "cactus jack " once it opens the inside dining room will have seating for about 25.

In the basement large slabs of stone were installed on the floor and iron strapped rustic barn beams and barn wood were blended to create unique ceiling and wall accents tons of massive stones were, "barnwood builders" on the diy network will room that has the mangled grille of a 1954 truck mounted on one wall and a large flat screen television on another wall. This home has been tastefully updated with wood floors reclaimed barn wood on the dining room wall a hip color palette the kitchen features modern cabinets stainless steel appliances, grand island veterans of foreign wars auxiliary 1347's buddy poppy program has had a busy and successful year winning four

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