Square, the chargers announced the re signing of defensive lineman damion square on wednesday square 31 entering his eighth nfl. Police cite coronavirus in banning solemn candlelight vigil but pro democracy activists see it as part of a push to quash, china protest citing coronavirus concerns beijing has imposed new laws to stifle the city's autonomy. Those of us who were there in 1989 cling to our memories - and worry for hong kong says chinese author ma jian, president trump praised beijing's "vicious" tactics against protesters today his fight against china is undermined because. Hu xijinthe editor of the global times newspaperaccused the u s of exporting civil unrest but being unable to deal with, student protesters and journalists in 1989 recall the joy and hope before the crackdown.

What happened outside the white house and what it reveals about the debate inside over using the military to quell protests, authorities have outlawed the annual commemoration that drew tens of thousands each year highlighting the rapid loss of. For one reporter on the ground the dissonance between the show of civil obedience and the display of state power in, "when the history of the trump presidency is written the clash at lafayette square may be remembered as one of its defining.

All signs point to china and the world mutually closing their doors to each other and as a member of the chinese diaspora

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